Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) is a private not-for-profit foundation established to manage country-code top-level Internet domains (ccTLD) in Serbia.

In order to serve the interests of all Serbian citizens, while adhering to the principles of quality, efficiency, independence and transparency, RNIDS is governed through the multi-stakeholder model:
-    all interested parties (other than Government entities) from Serbia may become co-founders of RNIDS and participate in the decision making process, including the election of the Board;
-    all policy decisions are open to public comments, and prevalent public opinion is incorporated into the policy;
-    all strategic and major operational issues are referred to the Board by the ad-hock Working Groups, whose members always include interested co-founders, outside experts or members of the public;
-    all Board decisions, Working Groups reports, financial data, procurement, and hiring of personnel are published on the RNIDS Web site and are open to comments.

The RNIDS Founding Assembly was held on the 8th July 2006 and this day is marked as RNIDS Day. RNIDS operated as a fund until the 28th May 2011 when it became a foundation in accordance with law.

The corporate structure of RNIDS comprises the Conference of Co-founders, the Board of Governors and the Director.

RNIDS manages the register for the country code top-level Internet domain of the Republic of Serbia, .RS, in accordance with the decision of ICANN dated 11. 09. 2007. On the 8th November 2010, ICANN accepted RNIDS’s proposal that .СРБ become the Cyrillic domain of Serbia and assigned this label to our country as the second country code top-level Internet domain.

The primary objective of RNIDS is to manage the register of national Internet domains.

Additional objectives of RNIDS are:
-    Increasing the number of RNIDS co-founders and involving the wider community in its work;
-    Promoting the Internet as a public resource available to all citizens;
-    Increasing Internet content in Serbian and the languages of national minorities.

RNIDS is a member of CENTR (Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries), ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation) and cooperates with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

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