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Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the highest level of management of RNIDS, whose task it is to implement the objectives of RNIDS as established by the Foundation’s Statute and the decisions of the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders.

The RNIDS Board of Governors has seven members, elected by the Conference of Co-founders. The Board of Governors is elected and established according to the strategic objective laid down for the forthcoming business period and of members who will act in the best interests of ensuring the development and successful operations of RNIDS.

The members of the Board of Governors must possess knowledge, abilities, expertise and experience and have high moral and ethical standards. When putting forward candidates for membership of the Board of Governors, the following should be considered: professional qualifications, experience and the tasks in which the proposed candidate is currently engaged, as well as whether the proposed candidate is an expert in areas closely related to the activities of RNIDS. Candidacy for membership of the Board of Governors is open to all adults with citizenship of the Republic of Serbia who fulfil the above-mentioned conditions and who are prepared to contribute to the achievement of RNIDS’s objectives.

The member of the Board of Governors must conduct his or her role in the Board of Governors in such a way as not to subject the interests of RNIDS to his or her private interests, nor to cause a conflict of interests.

The term of office of a member of the Board of Governors lasts for three years, and the member may not be elected more than twice successively.

Sphere of activity of the Board of Governors:
1) manages the operation of RNIDS in between two sessions of the Conference of Co-founders and takes decisions aimed at pursuing the objectives of RNIDS;
2) takes decisions on other parties’ membership of RNIDS as co-founders and the revocation of status of co-founder in the event of non-renewal of annual fees;
3) makes enactments relating to the functioning of RNIDS which are not in the purview of the Conference of Co-founders
4) approves the Financial Plan and the Final Accounts for the preceding business year for the purposes of their submission to the relevant state authorities within the legally-prescribed deadlines;
5) inspects financial reports and information for accuracy;
6) submits for approval to the Conference of Co-founders the Financial Plan and the Financial Report as well as the Independent Auditor’s Report;
7) gives approval for procurements whose estimated value exceeds the amount established by specific RNIDS enactments;
8) determines the date on which the list of Co-Founders with the right to participate in the Conference of Co-Founders is finalised;
9) proposes to the Conference of Co-founders changes to enactments that come under its purview concerning the way RNIDS operates;
10) appoints, supervises and dismisses the director;
11) concerns itself with the public transparency of operations;
12) takes decisions on the pricing of RNIDS services;
13) proposes the RNIDS Strategy, Plan and Programme of Operations to the Conference of Co-founders;
14) proposes to the Conference of Co-founders membership or cessation of membership of RNIDS in local or international organisations;
15) decides on the participation of RNIDS representatives in professional gatherings;
16) takes decisions on other matters in accordance with law and the official documents of RNIDS.






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