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Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia
18:14 (CET) - 16. April 2014.
  • .RS
  • .СРБ

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RNIDS will host 24th CENTR Administrative workshop

On 23rd November Home of Serbian Internet Domains will accommodate representatives of the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR). This association gathers organisations, corporate bodies or individuals that operate a country code top level domain registry. The organisation has a European focus, but in addition to more than forty of the countries in the region, CENTR have members from a number of countries outside of Europe (such as Iran, Japan, New Zealand and Canada).

The objectives of CENTR are to promote and participate in the development of high standard of Internet Country Code Top-Level Domain Registries (ccTLDs) for the benefit of its members and the entire Internet. Together with similar organisations with focus on other regions of the world, CENTR is working on achieving its objectives through consensus building, coordination and collaboration; respecting cultural and historical variations amongst the ccTLDs and their Local Internet Communities.

In the Home of Serbian Internet Domains RNIDS will host 24th CENTR Administrative workshop. The rules and registration procedures of ccTLD registries vary considerably and CENTR on such gatherings aims to collect information on, and document the practices of ccTLD registries, to encourage the provision of better services for users.

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