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Local Internet Community

The primary target groups of RNIDS’ everyday operations include the following:
1. Registrants of the national domains (current and potential)
2. Accredited registrars (current and potential)
3. Government bodies
4. The media (press, radio, television, Internet, news agencies)
5. Similar organisations
6. Internal stakeholders (RNIDS co-founders, Conference of Co-founders, Board of Governors and the Office)

All of these also comprise the local Internet community in Serbia.

The local Internet community is comprised of all legal entities and individuals who operate in the Internet sector or use Internet services in the Republic of Serbia (companies, sole traders, organisations, institutions, government bodies, citizens, etc.)

The primary objective of RNIDS is to manage the country code top-level Internet domains in a way that serves the interests of all Serbian citizens while adhering to the principles of quality, efficiency, independence and transparency. Besides this, the additional objectives of RNIDS are:
1) Increasing the number of RNIDS co-founders and involving the wider community in its work;
2) Promoting the Internet as a public resource available to all citizens;
3) Increasing Internet content in Serbian and the languages of national minorities.

Promoting the use of the country code top-level Internet domains and informing target groups about the benefits of registering country code top-level domain name also fall within the primary purview of RNIDS. The additional activities of RNIDS are:
1) Organising professional consultations, public debates and other conferences;
2) Providing support to accredited registrars within the country code top-level domains;
3) Cooperating with other local and international organisations in accordance with the objectives and purview of RNIDS;
4) Other activities in accordance with the objectives of RNIDS.

The aforementioned objectives and activities are contained in the founding and statutory documents of RNIDS.

RNIDS invites all members of the local Internet community in Serbia to cooperate on an ongoing basis by:
1) Joining the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders
2) Supporting the development of Internet projects on country code top-level domains
3) Supporting the marketing activities of accredited registrars for increasing the popularity of top-level domain names
4) Supporting the organisation of IT events
5) Supporting the process of building Internet management mechanisms and regulations
6) Supporting the development of a safe, reliable and secure local Internet infrastructure
7) Participating in Serbian Internet Domain Day – DIDS
8) Participating in the activities of the Home of the Serbian Internet Domains
9) Entering cooperation agreements (for similar organisations)

Please contact the RNIDS Office regarding all forms of cooperation.






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