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Session of RNIDS Assembly held

A regular session of RNIDS Assembly was held on 28 May at the Serbian Internet Domain Home. Thirty-seven members and more than twenty guests and media representatives attended the session.

The Statute of the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names foundation was ratified at the session. It complies with the Law on Endowments and Foundations applicable as of 1 March 2011. According to the new Statute, RNIDS remains the same legal entity. What is different is that a new managing body, the Conference of Co-founders, is introduced, taking the largest part of responsibilities of RNIDS Assembly, whilst a part of responsibilities is given to the Managing Board. What is also new is that the same person cannot be a member of the Managing Board and an authorised representative of a member of the Conference of Co-founders.

The Assembly also ratified the Rules on the Beginning of Operation of .срб Registry and General Terms and Conditions for Registration of .срб Domain Names, thus establishing conditions for the initiation of software and procedural preparations for registering the new Cyrillic country code Top Level Domain of Serbia.

2010 report on the work of the Director, the report on the work of the Managing Board from May 2010 to May 2011 and the report of the Chairman of the Assembly on activities of the Assembly in last two years were also ratified at the regular session of RNIDS Assembly.

This is the first Assembly session that took place in the business premises of RNIDS, the Serbian Internet Domain Home.






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