This mechanism was introduced in order to effectively defend against malicious activity.

The mechanism requires that, before the desired action, enter the exact result of the operation are shown.

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Whois Service

The WHOIS service offered by RNIDS makes it possible to view the database of registered .rs domain names.

This service is most commonly used to find out whether a .rs domain name is registered or not. If a domain name is registered, the WHOIS service returns information about the registrant who registered the domain name, whether they are a legal entity or individual. The registrant information which RNIDS publishes on the public WHOIS service is laid down in the General Terms for the Registration of .rs Domain Names.

RNIDS provides this public service because it makes it easier to find information about .rs domain name registrants and as a result increases the confidence of the Internet community in using the Internet.

The WHOIS service can be used by anyone, without limitation. The details displayed are the details contained in the RNIDS database. This service does not provide domain name registrant contact details, such as telephone number, fax number or e-mail address. The service cannot be used for finding e-mail addresses.

If a domain name registrant does not want his or her details to be publicly accessible, he or she can request that RNIDS does not publish his or her details on the WHOIS service.

Accessing the WHOIS service through the RNIDS website

The WHOIS service can be accessed through the official RNIDS website at It is accessed by selecting the WHOIS lookup service.

Enter JUST the name of the domain in the empty field, without the dot or domain extension (.rs,, .org,rs,, – these should be chosen from the drop-down menu. Do not type "www" before the domain name either. Then press the "Check" button.

A pop-up anti-bot verification window will appear – enter the text from the image displayed in the field marked "Type the two words:". The image contains a series of characters which are partly distorted but easily recognisable by humans. Entering these characters in the field confirms that the user of the service is human and not an automated Internet "bot" (computer program). When you have entered the displayed characters, click the Submit button. If the text in the image is not clear enough, click the "Get a new challenge" icon to get a new image, or the "Get an audio challenge" icon. The audio challenge consists of spoken words on a garbled background of sound. You must correctly enter all the words you hear.

WHOIS service – direct access


The WHOIS service can be accessed directly via the server and port 43.

The query format on port 43 is:

Example of a query:


The maximum number of searches is 10 per minute, 100 per hour and 1000 in 24 hours. If the maximum number of searches is exceeded, access is blocked for 4 hours.

The maximum number of searches applies per IP address.


There are several kinds of response:

Response: If the domain is registered the service returns the following details:

Domain name:
Domain status:
Registration date:
Date of most recent change:
Registration expiry date:
Name of registrar:

(only for legal entities)
(only for legal entities)
(only for legal entities)


Administrative contact:
Address: (only for legal entities)

Technical contact:
Address: (only for legal entities)

Answer: When the domain name is syntactically correct and has been formed in accordance with the rules on the formation of .rs domain names, but the domain name does not exist in the RNIDS database, the server returns the following response:
%ERROR:103: Domain name is not registered

Response: When the domain name is not syntactically correct or the domain name has not been formed in accordance with the rules on the formation of .rs domain names, the service returns the following response:
%ERROR:102: Invalid domain name






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