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My business, my domain


We often talk about entrepreneurs and the Internet, but more often than not these are entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business that is Internet-based by its very nature. What about those in traditional professions that existed before the Internet?

In our autumn promotional and educational campaign, called My Business, my Domain, the Serbian National Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation (RNIDS) is using testimonials to present just such small companies, which have a successful online presence even though their business is not directly connected with the Internet. The aim of the campaign is to demonstrate the potential of the Internet for small, local companies, most of which are still not maximising their use of modern communication technologies. As well as testimonials, the campaign is using content marketing, producing educational content that highlights good practice in maintaining a web presence.

During last spring, small business-owners from Serbia, who are successful in their business but also in terms of their online presence, were first invited to apply for the Good Examples of Internet Presence competition, which RNIDS held to mark its 10th anniversary. Two women were chosen as finalists – entrepreneurs who have taken advantage of the fact that websites targeting the local, Serbian market are given priority by the search engines when they are on the national .RS domain. The online presence of both of these women is a great example of how to use the Internet for small business, even when the industry they are in is entirely based offline. You can find out more about their practical experiences through video testimonials and short interviews at (Serbian only).

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