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Public discussion on Cyrillic ccTLD


The discussion about the introduction of the Cyrillic ccTLD was held at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce on February 2nd 2010. Members of the RNIDS Managing Board, representatives of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society, the Informatics Association of Serbia, CONUS, the Serbian Business Registers Agency, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Gartner, editors of specialised IT magazines, as well as experts who actively promote the Cyrillic on the Internet attended the meeting.

The goal of the meeting was to reach an agreement on the manner of initiating a public discussion on choosing a string that will become the Cyrillic ccTLD which will represent the Republic of Serbia on the Internet.

A working group was formed at the end of the meeting. Based on ideas presented at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, this group will create a plan of activities for carrying out a public discussion.