RNIDS’ mission is to effectively and transparently manage the Central Registry of the national Internet domains .RS and .СРБ in the interests of all Internet users in Serbia. Its vision is to become a regional centre and leader among national Internet registries…
The RNIDS Strategy for 2015-2020 outlines three strategic areas: the core activity of managing the Central Registry of the national Internet domains, regulatory activities and development activities...
Serbia has two national Internet domains of equal status: .RS and .СРБ, which denotes geographical affiliation and therefore is of exceptional importance in defining the Internet identity of all those who live and/or work in Serbia.

With the support of the relevant ministry of the Republic of Serbia, RNIDS was entrusted with the administration of the .RS and .СРБ domains, delegated to it by ICANN – the organisation tasked with managing the global structure of the Internet. RNIDS finances itself from the revenue collected from domain registration fees and the annual fees paid by the co-founders.

RNIDS manages five second-level domains in each of the two national top-level domains (.RS, .CO.RS, .ORG.RS, .EDU.RS and .IN.RS, and .СРБ, .ПР.СРБ, .ОРГ.СРБ, .ОБР.СРБ and .ОД.СРБ). Management of the second-level domains intended for academic institutions (.AC.RS and .АК.СРБ) has been delegated to the Academic Network of Serbia, while domains for use by government bodies (.GOV.RS and .УПР.СРБ) have been delegated to the Office for Information Technologies and e-Government, Government of the Republic of Serbia.

RNIDS seeks to fulfil the tasks it has been entrusted with through the implementation of four strategic objectives within the scope of its organisational framework:

  • development of the Registry and the domain name market
  • business excellence in the RNIDS Office
  • organisational development of the RNIDS Foundation
  • support for the development of the Internet in Serbia

The body of the founders of RNIDS is the Conference of Co-founders, which is comprised of the authorised representatives of all co-founders and is open for new co-founders to join. The Conference of Co-founders elects a Board of Governors comprising seven members, and makes general enactments governing the operation of RNIDS, the registration of domain names and the resolution of domain name-related disputes. The Board of Governors manages the operation of RNIDS and appoints a director, who is the executive officer and manages the RNIDS Office.

Important dates for RNIDS are:

  • Anniversary of the .СРБ domain, marking its launch on 27th January 2012
  • Anniversary of the .RS domain, marking its launch on 10th March 2008
  • RNIDS Day, marking RNIDS’ founding on 8th July 2006

As the national Internet domain registry, RNIDS is a member of CENTR and a member of ccNSO under the ICANN umbrella.