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RNIDS is in the heart of Serbian internet infrastructure. Careful planning, the choice of technology used and its thorough implementation assures that DNS infrastructure of .rs and .срб domains is continuously available. The service we provide enables services run by our users, their websites, email servers, business applications and online shops to be also available 24/7/365.

We ensure the safety of RNIDS systems and provide security and continuity of operation for our end users domain names. We oversee the domain spaces delegated to us to prevent domain names abuse and our national domain names are regarded to be one of the safest as the abuse percentage is admirably low.

Firm cooperation with CERTs in Serbia and abroad, exchange of information and experiences, permanent boost of knowledge and resources enables us to take even more active role in increasing the security of the Internet in Serbia.


RNIDS CERT was founded to become the first point of contact in case of .rs and .срб domain names abuse. If any type of abuse and .срб  domain names is noticed, one should get in touch with RNIDS CERT as we would respond as soon as possible to prevent any greater damage for users and systems connected to the domain name in question

Furthermore, RNIDS CERT is engaged in users and partners education making efforts to rase the awareness needed to fight the moder cyber threats. The emphasis of our education activities is on boosting the security of DNS and correct DNS servers configurations.