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Free Serbian Cyrillic Fonts

Ćirilica na poklon

RNIDS and Tipometar have a gift for you – fonts from typefaces Areal RNIDS by Olivera Stojadinović and Orto RNIDS by Ana Prodanović. The fonts are available in formats used both on the web (WOFF2) and in print (OTF), and comprise both Serbian Cyrillic and Latin scripts.


Orto RNIDS is sans serif humanist typeface comprising upright and italic fonts in two weights. It was created with the idea that the shapes of the characters would be well suited to on-screen display but perform well in print, too.

More about the Orto RNIDS typeface

The fonts are: Orto RNIDS-Regular, Orto RNIDS-Italic, Orto RNIDS-Bold and Orto RNIDS-BoldItalic.


Areal RNIDS is a slab serif typeface comprising upright and italic fonts in two weights. Its proportions, simple forms and linear style make it easily readable in small sizes. Particular attention has been paid to optimisation for on-screen display.

More about the Areal RNIDS typeface

The fonts are: Areal RNIDS-Regular, Areal RNIDS-Italic, Areal RNIDS-Bold and Areal RNIDS-BoldItalic.

You can download the fonts in OpenType and Web Open Font formats:, 117 kB, 104 kB, 104 kB, 95 kB

By downloading the fonts you agree to the terms of use.

Unpack and install OTF fonts on your computer in the usual way. Serbian (Cyrillic) letters will be displayed when using the appropriate keyboard layout.

Fonts in WOFF2 format should be unpacked and added to your website using the CSS code provided with the font.

If you have any problems installing the fonts, or any other questions or suggestions, please write to us at: