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Partnerships and memberships of organisations

RNIDS works with a large number of local and foreign institutions, similar regional and international organisations, state authorities, authorised registrars of national Internet domains and members of the local Internet community in Serbia.

Partnership takes the form of direct cooperation in everyday activities, participation in industry events at home and abroad and joint projects.

Internationally, as a national Internet domain registry, RNIDS is a member of ccNSO under the ICANN umbrella and a member of CENTR, APTLD, RIPE NCC and DNS-OARC. Delegates of RNIDS regularly take part in ICANN and CENTR’s industry conferences, and RNIDS also works with IGF, EuroDIGENISA and the DiploFoundation.

RNIDS has special partnerships with national Internet domain registries from the region. The regional partners of RNIDS are doMEn in Montenegro, MARnet in Macedonia, CARNet in Croatia, ARNES in Slovenia and UTIC in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At home, RNIDS works with the ministry responsible for matters concerning the information society, with RATEL, the Academic Network of Serbia, the Office for Information Technologies and e-Government, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, of higher education institutions and other local organisations in sectors concerning the Internet.

The Conference of Co-founders of RNIDS, at the proposal of the Board of Governors, takes decisions regarding entry into and withdrawal from membership of local and international organisations. The Board of Governors designates representatives to act on its behalf when cooperating with other organisations.


Partnership agreements