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Quality policy

The Quality policy of the Serbian National Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation is a statement of this organisation’s commitment to conducting our core operations in compliance with all applicable legal regulations, the principles of international and local practice and the requirements of the SRPS ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Maintaining quality standards and constantly working on further improving them is the priority of the management and all employees. This approach ensures that we meet the expectations of the users of our services – as well as gain new ones – and in turn meet the demands of our stakeholders.

Accordingly, the Foundation recognises the following priorities in its core activities:

  • The technical and administrative management of the domain registry managed by RNIDS, as well as the establishment of policies and regulations for domain registrations;
  • Maintaining the main DNS server for the country code top-level domains;
  • Adopting and improving rules for the resolution of disputes arising from the registration of Internet domain names;
  • The workplace health and safety of all employees;
  • Other activities that are in accordance with legal regulations and internal enactments.

The commitment of the management to the Quality policy is demonstrated in the creation of a favourable environment for the application of system guidelines , as well as active efforts towards improving all aspects of the quality management system.


Sertifikat ISO 9001-2015