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Cookie Usage Policy on RNIDS Foundation web sites

Websites of the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS) use cookies – text files containing small amounts of information which your web browser downloads from the site and stores on your computer, mobile phone or other device you may use to access the Internet.

The use of cookies enables certain functionality on our websites and improves your user experience.

Agreement to use of cookies and disabling cookies

Please bear in mind that if you do not accept cookies you will not be able to make full use of all functionalities of our websites.

You are free to choose whether you wish your device to automatically accept and store all types of cookies, and you can set your web browser accordingly. In the browser options you may disable acceptance of cookies and/or delete all cookies currently stored on your device.

When visiting our websites, you will see a notification bar requesting your permission for us to use cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies and if you clear your browser as described as above, RNIDS websites and the tools we use will not have access to your data.

The exception to this is if you use the Google Search option on our websites. By using this option, you agree to accept cookies originating from this service. Data sent to Google’s services in doing so are anonymised and do not in any way make it possible to personally identify individual users.

If you continue browsing our website without clicking “Yes” or “No” on the notification bar that appears during your first visit, you agree and accept the use of cookies on our website.


Types of cookies used on our websites

RNIDS websites use the following cookies:

Google Analytics

In order to analyse traffic to our websites, track views of particular content and improve RNIDS’ web presence, we use Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics cookies that may be stored on your device, are being used to collect information about how you use our website. This data is anonymised, and it is not possible to identify individual users in any way by using Google Analytics.



Our website uses Facebook cookies which track whether you were logged into your Facebook profile when you visited our website.

RNIDS does not have access to your personal data, nor can we identify individual users based on these cookies.

As part of our promotional activities, RNIDS may use anonymised data made available by Facebook’s advertising system.


Language choice cookies

Some of our websites may use cookies to remember your choice of language. During your first visit to one of our websites, these cookies are used to remember which language you chose to read the content. This enables us to show you the content on your previously chosen language, next time you visit our website.

This cookie cannot identify individual users in any way and is used to improve the user experience on our websites.

Social media sharing tools

RNIDS websites may feature widgets for sharing content on social media such are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. These social media may collect data relating to your use of our website. If you share any personal data on social media using these widgets on our website, those social media may collect and use your personal data.  

The processing and use of that data is governed by the privacy policies of the social media whose sharing widgets are used on our websites. RNIDS has no control over the entities that own these social media, nor can we assume any responsibility if these entities use your personal data.

Other data that RNIDS collects

The management of other personal data collected and processed by RNIDS is governed by our privacy policy, which you can read here: