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Institutions in Serbia

State Authorities

Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications -
Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services -
Intellectual Property Office -
Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection -
Special Prosecution Office for High-Tech Crime -
Republic of Serbia e-Government Portal -

Registries for Delegated Second-Level Domains

Office for Information Technologies and e-Government -
Academic Network of Serbia -

Educational Institutions

University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering -
Belgrade Faculty of Mathematics -
Belgrade Faculty of Organisational Sciences -
University of Belgrade Faculty of Law -
Belgrade University Computer Centre -
Svetozar Marković University Library - убсм.срб
Novi Sad Faculty of Technical Sciences -
Singidunum University, Belgrade -


Centre for the Promotion of Science -
Museum of Science and Technology -
The Vuk Karadžić Endowment -


Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry -
Serbian Business Registers Agency -
Belgrade Chamber of Commerce -


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