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External auditing

Auditing of RNIDS financial reports is carried out by an independent, accredited auditing company with an operating permit issued by the relevant authority of the Republic of Serbia. Financial reports are audited as prescribed by the law governing the auditing of financial reports and in line with international auditing standards.

The obligation for financial reports to be audited by an independent auditor is laid down in the Statute. The choice of auditing company is made by the RNIDS Board of Governors after a call for bids has been conducted. In selecting an auditing company, the Board of Governors among other factors takes the following criteria into consideration: deadlines for completion, additional consulting services, fees, qualifications of team members, etc.

For the purposes of international partnership with similar organisations and international associations, the Board of Governors can require that financial reports or auditors’ reports also be submitted in the English language. Financial reports are also published on the RNIDS website.

RNIDS external auditor
Based on the decision taken by the RNIDS Board of Governors of 27th December 2013, auditing of RNIDS financial reports for 2013, 2014 and 2015 will carried out by the independent auditors Stanišić Audit, Belgrade,