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Other global organisations

RNIDS, as a national Internet registry, works with the following global organisations on a regular basis:


Internet Governance Forum

The IGF is the main global body concerning itself with public Internet policy and is convened by the UN General Secretary. It was created at the World Summit on the Information Society in 2005 as the result of a compromise between a governmental and a non-governmental concept of administration of the Internet. The IGF is not a decision-making body and has no mandate to ratify international agreements and other legal documents; rather it creates the basis for decisions to be taken by other institutions such as ICANN, ITU and WIPO.



European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

ENISA has responsibility for cyber security in the European Union and is a hub for the exchange of information, best practice and know-how in information security. ENISA organises European Cyber Security Month –



DiploFoundation is a non-profit organisation which works to strengthen the meaningful participation of all stakeholders in diplomacy and international relations. It is especially involved in the area of Internet governance.