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Education of existing and potential registrants of national Internet domains on all aspects of their use is one of the activities regularly conducted by RNIDS through:

  • professional gatherings organised by RNIDS itself (DIDS, panels and public debates, talks etc.)
  • professional gatherings and projects organised by RNIDS in partnership with other participants in the local Internet community
  • printed and digital publications
  • educational and promotional campaigns
  • building websites such as domen.RS, which is the central location for education and promotion relating to the activities of RNIDS online

In pursuing its educational role related to the development of the Internet in Serbia, RNIDS works with:

  • state authorities with responsibility for the Internet
  • institutions and organisations centred on Internet-related issues
  • university faculties and colleges providing training in IT
  • professional associations in the field of IT

Cooperation with regional and international Internet-related organisations, of which RNIDS is a member or whose work RNIDS participates in occasionally or regularly, is founded on the principles of the exchange of experience and implementation of best practices.

RNIDS’ participation in global Internet development and its efforts to build a reputation in industry circles mean that it is able to adopt and implement solutions from worldwide best practice and to become an important regional national Internet registry. This places RNIDS in a position to provide know-how services to less-developed national registries in the region.