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RNIDS is by stakeholders from the local Internet community in Serbia in order to build an Internet ecosystem and meet the common objectives to the benefit of all.

RNIDS seeks to implement best practice in its business, drawing from the experiences of other national Internet registries.

RNIDS is a professional, non-partisan, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation established as a foundation, with a statutory obligation to pursue the general interests of all Serbian citizens, whilst adhering to the principles of quality, efficiency, independence and transparency.

RNIDS articulates the needs, objectives and interests of the Internet community and pursues their fulfilment through a bottom-up approach. RNIDS supports the multistakeholder governance model, with the inclusion of interested parties in dialogue, decision-making and the implementation of solutions to shared problems and achievement of objectives.

RNIDS is a member of ccNSO under the ICANN umbrella, and of the CENTR organisation, in addition to which it partners regularly with similar regional, European and global organisations, as well as with local organisations, in accordance with its objectives and day-to-day activities.

The ongoing financing of RNIDS comes from revenues from domain registration fees, annual RNIDS membership fees and other business conducted by RNIDS. Any profits made by RNIDS are used to advance the activities of RNIDS and cannot be distributed to co-founders.

RNIDS operates publicly – information about the business of RNIDS is public and is made available in accordance with the Reporting Policy.