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Registering national domains

By registering a .RS or .СРБ domain, the registrant acquires the right to use it on the Internet. Registration is done through accredited registrars (ARs) all over Serbia.

Unlimited numbers of domains may be registered – for a company, for each branch office or store, for specific products or services, for marketing campaigns, for special projects, etc.

Steps to registering a domain

Choose a domain name

The domain name will determine your two most important Internet addresses – the web address of your site, and your email address, so it is extremely important that you choose well. Choose an .RS or .СРБ domain which best describes you or your business and check its availability. If the domain name you wanted is taken, check whether similar names are available for registration which would still suit you.

Choose an AR

You are free to choose the AR whose level of service, product range or price points and payment methods suit you best. Depending on the chosen AR, registration will be carried out either on their website or at a point of sale.

Provide data to the chosen AR

When you are registering, you must provide the AR with accurate and complete data, and this should always be kept up to date. It is especially important that your email address be kept accurate and up-to-date, since it is of crucial importance for all further business regarding your domain name. If any of your details change, you must update them at the latest within 15 days of the change occurring via your accredited registrar. This is in your interest, since if you need to request any important changes such as switching to another AR or registrant and the details in the database are wrong, the change will probably not be approved since you cannot be identified.

It is important that the registrant be you (if you are registering the domain name for personal use) or your company (if you are registering the domain name for business use), since this is the only way to ensure all your rights and your freedom to manage the domain name.

In addition to details on the registrant, you must also supply data on the administrative and technical contact, as well as on at least two DNS servers, in order for the domain name to be active (visible) on the Internet.

Pay the domain name registration fee

There is a fee for registration of a domain name, payable to the accredited registrar. Until you make payment the registrar has no obligations towards you, nor will your chosen domain name be reserved for you. The price and the method of payment, which may be online or offline, is set by the accredited registrar.

Confirm the data and verify your email address

Once it is registered, the domain name will be entered into the RNIDS database, and not long after that will become active – i.e. visible on the Internet. After that, you will receive notification of the data you entered when you registered, at the email address you gave, together with a verification link for your email address. Click on the link to verify your data and your email address, thereby confirming registration of the domain name. It is important that you click on the link as soon as possible, since if you do not do so within 20 days your domain name will cease to be active or visible online.

Participants in domain name registration

The registrant is the individual or company in whose name the .RS or .СРБ domain is being registered, and who has all usage rights over the domain as long as they continue renewing its registration. Domain name registration can be done for any one-year period between 1 and 10 years, and registration can be renewed indefinitely.

An accredited registrar (AR) is a legal entity or sole proprietorship with a registered office in the Republic of Serbia that has been authorised to provide domain name registration services at the request of registrants for and on behalf of RNIDS.

The administrative contact is the individual or legal entity authorised by the registrant to communicate with the accredited registrar. They are authorised to make changes to all data regarding the registered domain name, other than changes of registrant, changes of administrative contact or filing an application to cancel the domain name registration. The administrative contact and the registrant can be the same person.

The technical contact is an individual or legal entity authorised by the registrant to communicate with the accredited registrar on technical matters of significance for the registration of the domain name. The technical and administrative contacts can be the same person, who can also be the registrant.

Keep track of the registration expiry date

The domain name ceases to be active immediately upon expiry of the registration period (ceases to be visible on the Internet, and the website, email and all services relating to it cease to function). In the event that the registrant does not extend registration within a subsequent period of 30 days, the domain name will be deleted from RNIDS’ register and will become available for registration again. If registration is extended within this subsequent period, the new registration period will commence from the moment of expiry of the previous registration.