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Statutory Committee

The RNIDS Statutory Committee is a permanent, three-member body governed by the Statute and elected by the Conference of Co-founders for a period of four years via a public call for applications. The Statutory Committee is composed of prominent lawyers with at least five years’ professional experience in company law or corporate management or not-for-profit or non-governmental organisations law.

Members of the Statutory Committee cannot be appointed more than twice consecutively. The Statutory Committee submits an annual report on its work to the Conference of Co-founders at its first regular session.

The responsibilities of the Statutory Committee are as follows:

  1. giving its authentic interpretation of the Statute and other general enactments of RNIDS
  2. giving its opinion on the draft Statute and proposed amendments and additions to it
  3. giving its opinion on draft general enactments of RNIDS and on amendments and additions to them
  4. giving its opinion on the conformance of RNIDS enactments to the Statute
  5. ensuring that the rights of co-founders are adequately governed by the Statute, the Code of Ethics and other RNIDS enactments
  6. making recommendations to the Board of Governors on matters regarding the resolution of internal corporate conflicts within RNIDS
  7. making recommendations in response to reports of potential conflicts of interest
  8. making recommendations in the event of a conflict of jurisdiction between RNIDS bodies
  9. adopting Rules of Procedure for its own operation
  10. making recommendations aimed at ensuring the transparency of the operation of RNIDS, including the co-founders’ right to information
  11. making recommendations on the protection of privacy in accordance with law and best practice