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Registrant privacy

Contact information privacy

Contact information privacy protection (known as WHOIS protection or WHOIS privacy) is a service which allows contact details in the publicly accessible WHOIS database to be hidden. This means that details, such are business name, registered office and company registration number for legal entities, are not publicly accessible.

At the request of the registrant, RNIDS activates protection against public exposure of information on the registrant and the administrative and technical contacts for a domain name via the public WHOIS service.

This service is used by individuals and companies who do not want to reveal their identity as registrant of a specific .RS or .СРБ domain, or if a company registering a domain name for a new campaign or product does not wish it to be known who is behind it before its official launch.

RNIDS charges a fee for the activation of WHOIS privacy protection according to the fee schedule.

Supply of information from the Central Registry database of national Internet domains

RNIDS allows the relevant authorities and other individuals and agencies access to data from the Central Registry database of the national Internet domains, even those data for which WHOIS privacy has been activated, where in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia they have right of access to such data.

Information required for the initiation and conduct of court proceedings or alternative dispute resolution proceedings connected with a domain name, including information for which WHOIS privacy protection has been activated, is supplied by RNIDS on official request by the relevant court or the Committee for the Resolution of Disputes Relating to the Registration of National Internet Domains.

If a third party files a request for supply of information on a domain name for which protection from public exposure via the WHOIS service has been activated, RNIDS will request that the registrant respond within 15 days regarding consent to supply the requested information to the applicant. If the registrant agrees, RNIDS will supply the information for the domain name in question to the person who filed the application.

Where protection from WHOIS privacy has been activated for a domain name, RNIDS will forward correspondence submitted to RNIDS for that purpose by a third party by electronic means to the contacts for the domain.