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Cyrillic on the Internet

RNIDS is keen to help users in any way it can to use Cyrillic more easily on their computers on a day-to-day basis. Here you can find fonts, tools, applications and practical advice.

Cyrillic fonts

You can download nine excellent families of Cyrillic font, provided by the Tipometar association free of charge: Adamant BG, Adamant Sans BG, Lovely BG, Nioki BG, Neoplanta BG, Platan BG, Resavska BG, Resavska BG Sans and Influ BG.


Character set converters

Tools for converting character sets, and from Cyrillic to Latin and vice-versa in MS Office programs, are available for free download on the Praktikum Na Vebu website.


IDN encoder

If you want to see what a Cyrillic domain will look like when it is changed from Unicode IDN format, which is recognised by web browsers such as Internet Explorer, to ACE (ASCII Compatible Encoding) known as PUNICODE, which is recognised by DNS servers, you can visit our IDN encoder page.

Testing the .СРБ domain

Between July and November 2011, RNIDS employed two independent teams to test various aspects of .СРБ domain usage in everyday contexts, such as:

  • use of .СРБ domain names on existing websites
  • configuring web platforms to operate with .СРБ domains
  • configuring DNS servers
  • accessing .СРБ websites using various web browsers and from various platforms
  • accessing .СРБ websites on mobile devices
  • configuring and using e-mail addresses on different server and client platforms

For some of the problems discovered in implementing the .СРБ domain, and therefore IDNs, steps have already been made towards getting them resolved at the global level.