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As of 2010, RNIDS has periodically published a call for grant applications as part of the Programme of support for projects that popularise the Internet (4PI for short).

Any company or self-employed individual registered in the Republic of Serbia can apply for a 4PI grant. 4PI funding is granted for the co-financing of projects to a maximum value of 50% of the amount envisaged in the project’s financial plan.

The objectives of 4PI are:

  • to increase the volume of useful Internet content in the Serbian language and script in the national Internet domain space (the .RS and .СРБ domains)
  • to increase the number of registered national Internet domains

Proposed projects must align with the objectives of 4PI and grants must be earmarked for one of the following activities:

  • creating Internet content of use to society and intended for the citizens of Serbia
  • improving awareness among the general population about the benefits of using the Internet in everyday life and work
  • developing purpose-built Internet services for the economy and citizens of Serbia
  • developing e-government, e-commerce or e-learning
  • advancing the use of the Internet in research and education, especially in permanent education
  • analysis of the domain market

Decisions to award grants are taken by a RNIDS Committee comprised of respected local Internet professionals.