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.СРБ domain registration begins


At the December 13th Assembly, the Board of Governors, reached a decision on starting .СРБ domain registration, determining St Sava’s Day, January 27th 2012, as the commencement date. The Cyrillic Internet domain .СРБ is a new, second ccTLD of the Republic of Serbia and, after the Russian .RF, the second world’s Internet domain in Cyrillic eligible for registration.

Our .СРБ domain is a part of the family of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), i.e. domains whose names are not written in the English alphabet. The world’s biggest countries and nations – Russia and China, along with many Arab and Far East countries – already have the IDN in their national scripts.

The ccTLD marks a territory, being thus of paramount importance for defining the Internet identity of all those who reside and work in Serbia. Thanks to the particularity of the Serbian Cyrillic, in which one phoneme matches one letter, .СРБ domain addresses will undoubtedly be pronounced exactly as written, unlike numerous domains in the English alphabet. Hence, the motto of the campaign for the popularisation of the .СРБ domain use is “Link as you speak!

In the first six months, the priority right to register .СРБ domain names will be granted solely to the owners of the existing .RS domain names, at the price of 1 RSD. After this period, everybody will be able to register Cyrillic domains, regardless of whether they possess a specific .RS domain name or not.

For more information, please visit our page on the .СРБ  domain.