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Extraordinary session of the Conference of Co-founders


On September 24th 2011, an Extraordinary Session of the Conference of Co-founders was held at the Home of Serbian Internet Domains, where new Management of RNIDS was elected for the two-year term of the previous Board of Governors had expired.

Out of 57 co-founders of RNIDS, a total of 54 had their authorised representatives at the session of the Conference of Co-founders. First, the new Chair of the Conference of Co-founders, Vojislav Rodić, was elected, along with the Deputy Chair, Slobodan Marković.

Then, new members of the RNIDS Board of Governors were elected: Staniša Josić, Snežana Božić, Dragomir Vasiljević, Nataša Radović, Aleksandar Pavlović, Dušan Stojičević and Zoran Buhavac.

The discussion on the changes of RNIDS Foundation Statute was postponed until the next session due to the more thorough preparations of the necessary changes.