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Fifth anniversary of RNIDS


The celebration of the fifth anniversary from establishing the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry took place at the Serbian Internet Domain Home. The Founding Assembly of RNIDS was held on July 8th 2006 and that date is celebrated as the Day of RNIDS.

Mr Vojislav Rodić, one of 17 founders and participants of the Founding Assembly, Ms Snežana Božić, the President of the Conference of RNIDS Co-founders and Mr Slobodan Marković, the moderator of programmes at the Serbian Internet Domain Home spoke at the celebration.

RNIDS thanked people who had helped the organisation at its very beginning: PhD Đorđe Paunović, PhD Aleksandar Popović and PhD Neda Bokan. Professor Bokan addressed participants on their behalf.

A five-minute video on the most significant moments during five years of existence of RNIDS was broadcast. Founders of RNIDS, associates and friends, representatives of the Internet community of Serbia, members of RNIDS Management and journalists were present at the celebration. 


  • RNIDS - 5 years, promotional video

  • TV report from celebration of fifth anniversary of RNIDS