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Invitation to Tender for Designation as Secondary Domain Name Service (DNS) Provider


Serbian National Internet Domain Registry, (RNIDS), is seeking Secondary DNS providers to bid to host secondary DNS servers for up to twenty infrastructure zones and nearly 80.000 records. This number is expected to grow, particularly in light of fast growing Internet community in Serbia. Additionally, RNIDS is looking for sites that are situated globally, utilizing anycast technology as per RFC 4786.

All contractual terms and conditions related to the work performed, Non-disclosure of information, or liability issues must be detailed. RNIDS will require that the vendor performing this service sign a Non-disclosure agreement due to the proprietary nature of the information RNIDS retains for its subscribers.

Proposals must be submitted before 12:00 Central European Time on July 20th 2012 for consideration, and must include a statement of work, full pricing details, and references.

Full text of the RFP can be obtained by sending e-mail to: rnids[dot]dnsrfp[at]rnids[dot]rs