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Press release of the RNIDS from press conference


A total of 23,668 domains have been registered to date, June 20th 2008, i.e. 103 days from the beginning of .rs domain registrations. The trend of, primarily, .rs domain registrations is expected to continue. Being the national and the shortest domain, .rs is obviously the most interesting domain to the Internet community. RNIDS also hopes to intensify the registration of domains after negotiations with the Public Administration.

This will mark the end of the association of Serbia with the .yu domain, which will also have advantages for us as users of state services. RNIDS would also like to invite registrants of .yu domains to accelerate the process of migrating to the .rs domain so that the Transition Commission, registrars and RNIDS can finalise the transition from .yu to .rs without any problems to those who use the Internet as a business tool. We also made a promise at the conference that until August 1st 2008 the public would be informed about the manners of using .yu domains after September 10th 2008.

RNIDS also states that the 25,000th registered domain will get a free annual registration. Media will be timely informed about the domain registered as the 25,000th one. With this symbolic action, RNIDS wishes to mark a fast and secure growth of the local Internet. The next domain which will receive the same treatment will be the 50,000th registered domain. Also, during summer RNIDS plans to prepare, together with its registrars, a thorough campaign plan for the Internet use promotion.