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RNIDS started publishing news


The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names is preparing the new issue of RNIDS News. RNIDS News is the internal journal of the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names, issued quarterly or as required.

The first issue was published in March. The second one is to be published today. The second issue contains information on current projects, as well as all activities of the Register.

It contains information on co-financing, protecting brands in the Internet space, the number of registered domains and their growth, registrars and their role, provisioning new infrastructure and many other topics.

One of the topics elaborated in the second issue of RNIDS News is the introduction of Cyrillic in the Internet scene of Serbia and the current status of IDN ccTDLs in other countries.

Special attention is given to international activities and the role of the Register as a member of various global organisations.