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Testing accredited registrars of .rs domain


The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS) would like to inform the public that from 10th to 20th December it will conduct the process of testing 24 local companies who have applied to perform services of accredited registrars of .rs domains. However, the process of entering .rs domains into the central registry of RNIDS and the process of transition from .yu to .rs domains have not been yet officially opened. During the following couple of weeks, the Managing Board of RNIDS is expected to bring a decision on the beginning of entering domains into the central registry of .rs domains and the opening of the process of transition from .yu to .rs domains. The public will be informed about this in timely manner.

RNIDS would like to stress that after the process of domain registration has been published, all accredited registrars will start offering domain registration services at the same time. Until then, clients can apply for registering desired .rs domains with accredited registrars but their requests will be sent for registration with RNIDS on the date when the register of .rs domains initiates its operations, which is expected after the first half of January 2008. Ten days before the beginning of .rs domain registration, RNIDS will stop receiving requests for registering new .yu domains.

All .yu domains, which have been registered until then, will continue to function normally at least until September 30th 2009. Once the registration of .rs domains begins, current owners of .yu domains will have a priority in the first six months to register the same .rs domain name. All domain names which have not been registered until now with .yu extension will be immediately available for registration with .rs extension. Clients will submit their registration requests through accredited registrars. A list of all accredited registrars of .rs domains, as well as more detailed rules regarding the registration procedure and transition from .yu to .rs domains can be seen on

RNIDS will inform the public on time about dates determined for the end of registering new .yu domains and the beginning of registering .rs domains, as well as other significant deadlines.