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YU domain becomes history


.YU domain stopped functioning at noon today, in accordance with the decision of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Saying goodbye to the .YU domain, which became history, like other aspects of ex Yugoslavia, has been announced since March 2008.

Just to remind you-The official registration of the .RS domain started on March 10th, 2008. During the following six months, until September 10th 2008, the owners of the .YU domain were given priority to register the aforementioned domain with the .RS ending. This right was used by 19,372 companies in total.

Upon finishing the transition from .YU to .RS domain, approximately 4000 users of the .YU domain prolonged the lifespan of their .YU domains until March 30th, 2010. As of today noon, the remaining 4000 YU domains are no longer visible online.

Today at 6pm, Museum of Yugoslav History will be hosting the “farewell party” to the .YU domain. Effective today, the .YU domain becomes a part of the museum.