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Terms of use of free fonts


The typefaces Areal RNIDS and Orto RNIDS, provided in the form of digital fonts downloadable free of charge from the websites of RNIDS and Tipometar, are intellectual property of their authors and are protected by copyright law. RNIDS and Tipometar have exclusive rights to distribute unlimited copies of these fonts for use free of charge.


The fonts may be downloaded and used free of charge both for personal and commercial use, in all media.


Downloaded fonts may not be altered, adapted or supplemented without the written permission of the author.


Downloaded fonts may be converted to other formats but may not be altered in any other way. No change of name, alteration of form or addition of any characters is permitted.


Although the fonts may be freely copied and sent to other private persons, they may not be sold or rights granted to third parties without the written permission of the author. Fonts or zip files containing fonts from the Areal RNIDS and Orto RNIDS typefaces may not be made available on other sites or font download applications; however a link may be provided to the page on the RNIDS or Tipometar website from which the fonts may be downloaded.


Free fonts may be embedded in websites or mobile applications regardless of the number of users, under the condition that the fonts may not be downloaded in this way.

Limitation of liability

Free fonts are used without provision of any warranty. Tipometar, RNIDS and the author of the downloaded font will not be held liable for any damage arising from its use. By using the downloaded font, the user accepts the above terms of use.