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Local Internet community

The local Internet community in Serbia is comprised of all legal entities and individuals who operate in the Internet sector or use Internet services in the Republic of Serbia (companies, business owners, organisations, institutions, government bodies, citizens, etc.).

RNIDS especially targets the following groups through its everyday activities:

  • Internet professionals – Internet consultants, speakers on Internet-related topics, digital and other similar agencies, and independent web developers.
  • Potential RNIDS co-founders – companies and business owners in Serbia who are interested in working in the interests of the local Internet space and the development of Internet content and services.
  • State authorities – public administration bodies tasked with the Internet sector, as well as other authorities whose activities are closely related or significant to the work of RNIDS and its statutory objectives.
  • Education and similar institutions – university faculties and colleges which train future IT workers, institutions with an interest in increasing the amount of Internet content in Serbia and the languages of ethnic minorities and institutions involved in preserving scientific and cultural heritage online.
  • Local organisations – business associations, professional associations in the IT sector, and organisations which are a focal point for a large number of potential national domain name registrants.
  • Industry media – media aimed at professionals in the IT sector and in business and marketing, as well as those taking the decisions on the registration of domain names for their clients or for the companies they work in.

RNIDS invites all members of the local Internet community in Serbia to cooperate on an ongoing basis by:

  • joining the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders
  • supporting the development of projects through the programme of support for projects popularising the Internet (4PI)
  • participating in Serbian Internet Domain Day (DIDS)
  • supporting IT events in Serbia
  • supporting the process of building Internet governance mechanisms and regulations
  • supporting the development of a safe, reliable and secure local Internet infrastructure
  • entering cooperation agreements (for similar organisations)

Please contact the RNIDS Office regarding all proposals for partnership.