RNIDS operates transparently, something which is unique among organisations in Serbia. All aspects of RNIDS’ work are publicly accessible, other than those relating to the security of the national Internet domain administration system.

RNIDS has a statutory obligation to strive for transparency, as an organisation engaged in activities which are of great importance to the infrastructure of the Internet. According to an agreement signed with the ministry responsible for telecommunications and the information society, RNIDS reports to the ministry every three years with an analysis of obligations met in regard to the organisation itself, the system of registrations and the transparency of its work. The reporting itself is done by selecting a professional, independent company to analyse the operation of RNIDS and its compliance with the terms of the agreement. In addition to this, an external audit is regularly performed on the annual and ongoing accounts.

On the RNIDS site, in the documents repository, there are copies of all minutes from sessions of the Conference and the Board of Governors, financial reports, financial plans and details of their fulfilment, quarterly and annual reports of the director and Board of Governors and many other documents.

Information about the operations of RNIDS are public and made available in accordance with the Reporting Policy. RNIDS is obliged by the provisions of the law governing personal data protection to protect the privacy of users, and to protect data determined by contract or by law to comprise commercial secrets. RNIDS also puts in place mechanisms that allow users to express critical opinions of its work.

The transparency of RNIDS is also maintained through the regular publication of calls for quotes and invitations to tender on the website and in other media, through public debates and documents published by the different bodies of RNIDS, as well as through the publication of quarterly, annual and occasional publications such as RNIDS INFO and the Annual Report, as well as brochures dedicated to special topics.

Any company or sole trader, as well as other types of organisations registered in Serbia, may join RNIDS and thus gain a direct influence over the way RNIDS operates. Anyone can watch Conference of Co-founders sessions, which are public and open to all, and are recorded and then made available online.