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Dejan Đukić appointed director of RNIDS


At its meeting held 29th October, the Board of Governors of the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS), having reviewed applications submitted during a public recruitment procedure, appointed Dejan Đukić as the new director of the RNIDS Foundation.

The term of office of the director lasts four years and his duties include running the RNIDS Office and implementing ongoing business policy and decisions of the Board of Governors.

Dejan Đukić has served as Chief Legal and Administrative Officer of RNIDS for a number of years and has been with the Foundation since 2008, working on legal affairs including the drafting of policies and rules for the registration of .RS and .СРБ domains. Since November 2019 he has served as acting director of RNIDS.

He has participated in countless local and international conferences relating to Internet domains and ICT policy and has authored a number of articles and papers published in relevant magazines and professional journals. He was a member of the ICANN Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Team, and is currently taking part in the ICANN international ccNSO Guidelines Review Committee work.

He is a graduate of the Belgrade University Faculty of Law, where he also defended a Master’s thesis on the topic of domain name disputes.