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New leadership of the RNIDS Conference of Co-founders


The electoral session of the Serbian National Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation (RNIDS) was held on 19th September at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Belgrade. The attending authorised representatives of 58 Co-founders elected Zoran Buhavac as chair, and Ivan Minić as vice-chair of the Conference of Co-founders of RNIDS, for two-year terms.

Zoran Buhavac was chair and deputy chair of the RNIDS Board of Governors between 2009 and 2013, and has also been a member of various working groups since 2008. He is employed in marketing and Internet service sales in the company Gama Electronics and their representative at the Conference. Ivan Minić is the authorised representative of “” from Belgrade, and is the founder and director of this company. He has been involved in design and development for more than 10 years, as well as providing consulting services in Internet marketing, e-commerce and other related areas.

RNIDS is a professional, non-party, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation, founded by the Internet community in Serbia in order to manage the Serbian national .RS and .СРБ Internet domains. The Conference of Co-founders is a RNIDS body comprising the authorised representatives of all co-founders. From among their number they elect a chair and deputy chair for a two-year term. The chair and deputy chair can be elected twice consecutively at most, and the previous election was held on 21st September 2013.

RNIDS is an open organisation whose roster of co-founders is constantly growing. One of RNIDS’ objectives is to involve the broadest possible cross-section of society in what it does, since this builds trust in the work of the national registry, in the national Internet domains and in the Serbian Internet space. This in turn increases confidence in all those doing business on the Serbian Internet on the national domains. The invitation is open to all companies and business owners who are interested in the development of the Internet and Internet services in Serbia to become RNIDS co-founders and delegate an authorised representative to the Conference of Co-founders.