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Special issue of RNIDS News on DIDS 2011 conference


The Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS) published a special issue of RNIDS News dedicated to the recently held Serbian Internet Domain Day conference, celebrating the third anniversary of the .rs domain registration. The conference, organised by the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS), took place on March 10th in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The DIDS 2011 conference was dedicated to the development of the Internet within the domain space of Serbia. Numerous local and foreign experts participated and took an active part in the conference. 

The special issue of RNIDS News presents impressions of Mr Berislav Todorović, the head technical strategist, designer and network architect of the international IP/MPLS backbone of KPN, a Dutch carrier; Mr Wim Degezelle, Communications Manager at CENTR; Mr Leonid Todorov, Deputy Director for External Relations in the Russian Internet Registry; Ms Monika Pink-Rank, the Head of PR, Marketing and Project Management Department with the Austrian Internet Domain Registry (; Mr Vladimir Radunović, the coordinator of the Internet Governance and Policy educational and training programmes with DiploFoundation, a non-governmental organisation, ans Mr Ivan Ćosić, a well-known blogger and administrator of “Dizajnzona” [Designzone].

In the special issue of RNIDS News you can also check out comments on the programme and organisation of the DIDS 2011 conference by other participants, Internet users, representatives of both younger and older generation, as well as those employed in field of the Internet business, science and culture.

DIDS 2011 ended up with a late evening party in the Serbian Internet Domain Home, at 18a Žorža Klemansoa Street, with an RS-shaped birthday cake. The RNIDS office in the new premises will be functioning like a real Serbain Internet Domain Home, because it includes a conference room intended for training purposes, presentations and other activities aimed at popularising the Internet in Serbia.

The special issue of RNIDS News is available here.