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WHOIS hackathon on September 25th and 26th


Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS) and Quantox Technology teamed up to organize an online WHOIS hackathon. On September 25th and 26th, the registered teams will search for the optimal solution and develop a mobile application that offers answers about free or registered domain names around the world, primarily national .rs and .срб domain names.

Applications for the hackathon are open from September 1st  to 19th, and teams can apply on the following link. Teams that have enough technical knowledge and will to participate, can apply, and by September 22nd, the jury will select 10 teams with up to five members who will work on the solution for 48 hours using a freely chosen technology and development environment.

The hackathon is realized online, team members can cooperate virtually, from the comfort of their home, workspace, or organize cooperation in some other way that suits them best. Symbolic prizes are provided for all hackathon participants, and the three first-place teams win one of the money prizes.

The realization of the hackathon was supported by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

More information about the hackathon, conditions of participation, and prizes is available at the link: