RNIDS is an independent, professional, open, non-partisan, non-governmental, not-for-profit Foundation which effectively and transparently manages the central register of the national Internet domains .rs and .срб in the interests of all Internet users in Serbia.

Administration of the .rs and .срб domains was entrusted to RNIDS by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organisation which manages Internet names and addresses at the global level, after a process of consultation in the Serbian Internet community and with significant support from the Serbian state.

The RNIDS vision is to become a regional leader among national Internet registries – an established and well-known professional organisation, recognised as independent and trustworthy, dedicated to implementing, creating and developing the latest technical solutions and Internet best practice.

The Co-founders of the Foundation are respected companies and organisations that are interested in participating in the work of RNIDS and managing the Internet infrastructure in Serbia. The highest body of RNIDS is the Conference of Co-founders, comprising the representatives of the Co-founders. They make the most important decisions, including approving rules for domain registrations and for resolving domain-related disputes. The Co-founders elect a seven-member Board of Governors, which manages the Foundation and appoints its director, who heads the RNIDS Office, with its 12 employees. The work of the director and Office are overseen by way of internal auditing. The RNIDS Statutory Committee evaluates drafts of the Statute and other official RNIDS documents and issues interpretations of them, as well as recommendations relating to conflicts of interest, transparency and privacy issues.

RNIDS is one of the few national registries to have adopted a Code of Ethics. The RNIDS Code of Ethics seeks to recommend moral principles to all individuals and legal entities connected with RNIDS by which to conduct themselves in their professional life and work. It is founded on respect for state law, social morality, good business practice and international standards relating to the Internet.