The activities of RNIDS are orientated towards supporting the development of the Internet in Serbia through daily partnership with the local Internet community and active participation in global discussions on Internet governance.

Every year RNIDS organises the DIDS conference – Serbian Internet Domain Day – which focusses on the development of the Internet internationally and in the Serbian Internet domain space. It has been held annually since 2010 and is open, free of charge, to all visitors. The all-day DIDS event brings together not just IT professionals but Internet users, students, businesspeople and the media. Since 2015, DIDS has been supported by ICANN, the international organisation managing the global system of Internet names and addresses.

RNIDS also provides education in the area of cyber security. Each October we take part in European Cyber Security Month in partnership with ENISA, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security. During the year, RNIDS, together with university faculties all over Serbia, organises lectures for students on cyber security.

The educational programme, which covers all the important aspects of having an Internet presence, is for everyone who wants to learn more about the areas of law, accounting, business development, branding, Internet marketing and analytics, content creation and similar topics.

RNIDS has been supporting projects that contribute to the development of the Internet in Serbia through the 4PI programme since 2010. RNIDS also supports the local community of Internet network operators – RSNOG – as well as numerous industry events and projects related to Internet development in Serbia.

Internet governance encompasses the activities of a great number of participants all over the world who take decisions that affect the functioning of the Internet. Topics such as Internet infrastructure development, ecommerce, privacy and security, freedom of expression and others are discussed by a great many actors at global and regional forums, by state bodies and interstate organisations, academic communities and the NGO sector, and by private companies. RNIDS takes active part in these processes and represents the interests of Serbia and its Internet community through regional and international partnership and participation in global Internet organisations.